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President's Malaria Initiative

In many parts of Africa, there’s an urgent need to improve local technical capacity and diagnostic infrastructure to accurately diagnose malaria. Since 2009, MHRP and WRAIR have participated in the President's Malaria Initiative (PMI) in Tanzania, focusing on microscopy and rapid diagnostic tests (mRDT) and increasing the quality and number of trained technicians in diagnostics. WRAIR also helped establish national diagnostics quality assurance/quality control protocols and programs.

WRAIR contributed to the development and finalization of Kenya’s Division of Malaria Control’s (DOMC) National Diagnostics Guidelines in 2010. It has also assisted with malaria diagnostic and quality assurance training in Kenya, Nigeria and Tanzania. PMI staff are based out of the U.S. Army Medical Research Unit-Kenya’s Malaria Diagnostics and Control Center (MDCC) in Kisumu, Kenya.

Since 2009, MHRP has worked through local staff, the MDCC in Kenya and U.S.-based WRAIR program to establish a national malaria diagnostics training program at the National Health Laboratory and Quality Assurance Training Center in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, where more than 100 malaria microscopists from Zanzibar and Tanzania mainland have been trained.  

WRAIR has also conducted extensive capacity development activities to strengthen the ability of local clinics and regional hospitals throughout Tanzania in both microscopy and mRDT. Additionally, the program is working with the Tanzanian Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, through the National Malaria Control Programme, to design and pilot a national malaria diagnosis QA and improvement plan.