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International Network

Since the onset of the HIV epidemic, MHRP has cultivated an international network of state-of-the-art labs and medical clinics in Africa and Asia. Our dedicated researchers, staff, and partners are committed to halting the spread of HIV around the world. This infrastructure provides a unique and effective platform to conduct research and assess candidate vaccines in endemic settings around the globe.

MHRP’s six international research sites span Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria, Mozambique and Thailand. The circulating HIV subtypes in these countries cover a spectrum of HIV subtypes, enabling MHRP researchers to test prospective HIV vaccine candidates for global protection.

MHRP works to develop sustainable PEPFAR-supported programs and clinical research within the public health infrastructure of each country. The Program works closely with local government institutions and NGOs and has helped develop clinical research capabilities and health care delivery systems including buildings, laboratories, central administration and data management systems.