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MHRP has partnered with the Institute for HIV Research at the University Duisburg-Essen to focus on HIV subtype B. Subtype B is the third most common HIV subtype, primarily affecting Europe, Australia and North America, and is the most common subtype affecting U.S. Service Member populations.  

Collaborating with Institute for HIV Research Director Dr. Hendrik Streeck, MHRP has launched a longitudinal cohort study to roll out at 10 sites in Germany to evaluate the incidence of HIV subtype B among an at-risk subpopulation and determine the feasibility of conducting an HIV vaccine efficacy trial there in the future. In addition, the study, called BRAHMS, is the largest systematic epidemiological study for sexual transmitted diseases in Germany to characterize incidence and prevalence for common and uncommon STIs.

BRAHMS is MHRP’s first clinical study in Europe and is part of the Program’s effort to focus on subtype B vaccine development. The Army-led RV144 Thai trial, the first vaccine efficacy study to show modest efficacy in preventing HIV infection, focused on subtype AE, and two currently ongoing HIV vaccine trials are taking place in subtype C prevalent regions in Africa.

A second cohort and site development study, RV464, also began in 2018 at sites in Germany and is enrolling volunteers with acute and chronic infection.