MHRP and Collaborators at AIDS 2020 Virtual Conference

Oral Presentations: 

  • Julie Ake, Weight Gain and Hyperglycemia during the Dolutegravir Transition in Africa
  • Sandhya Vasan (session moderator), HIV Vaccine Development: How to Forge Ahead 
  • Sandhya Vasan (session moderator), HIV Cure: The Science, Ethics and Beyond
  • Holly Peay, (RTI International), Is reluctance to restart ART a risk of ATI trials?

Other events of note

  • Satellite session, July 6, rebroadcast July 9: DREAMing Together: Investing in Comprehensive HIV Prevention Programming for Adolescent Girls and Young Women (featuring MHRP Tanzania DREAMS beneficiary, Sharifa)
  • MHRP DREAMS will be highlighted at the Global Village. The Global Village and Youth Program are free and open to the public.
  • Registration to the IAS Virtual COVID-19 Conference, taking place on the last day of AIDS 2020: Virtual, is free

Poster Abstracts:

  • Factors Associated with Testing for HIV and Hepatitis C among At-Risk Men in Germany (Trevor Crowell)
  • Antiretroviral medication coverage along the PMTCT cascade of care in the era of treatment for all in Kenya: Results from a pragmatic, cluster randomized trial (the EMMA study; Bruce Larson)
  • Side effects, life transitions, and disclosure: Reasons for oral pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) discontinuation among young women engaged in sex work in Uganda (Sanyukta Mather)
  • Routine HIV Clinic Appointment Adherence in the African Cohort Study  (Nicole Dear)
  • Social and Dating Online Platforms as an Opportunity to Reach Nigerian MSM with HIV Services. The Experience of the Lagos Community Health Centre (D. Okonkwo)
  • Improving linkage to antiretroviral treatment using a peer attachment model in the selected facilities in the Southern Highland Zone, Tanzania  (Abel Ngwalle)
  • Finding the Missing People Living with HIV and AIDS  in the Southern Highland Zone, Tanzania: Strategic Use of a National HIV Testing Services (HTS) Eligibility Screening Tool  (Abel Ngwalle)
  • Willingness to participate in short and extended analytic treatment interruption (ATI) during HIV remission trials (Gail Henderson)
  • What does “HIV cure” mean to acutely diagnosed Thai individuals invited to remission trials with ATI? (Holly Peay)
  • Perceived health and stigma among a population of individuals diagnosed with acute HIV: Report from the SEARCH010 cohort (Holly Peay)