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Other Cohort Studies


RV230 was MHRP's initial effort to assess potential field sites for HIV vaccine studies in Nigeria. The study began in 2009 and enrolled 550 participants; it assessed HIV-1, HIV-2, and hepatitis B and C prevalence along with the molecular diversity of HIV-1 within these populations. The study identified at least two communities in Nigeria with the potential to meet criteria for vaccine development research, with volunteers reporting a high level of willingness to participate in future HIV intervention studies


In 2013, MHRP initiated a cohort study (RV363) to determine incidence in men and women aged 18-35 in Maputo in collaboration with National Institute of Health (CISPOC).

Western Kenya

This study, in Kombewa Kenya is titled: “Cohort and Development to Assess Incidence of HIV Infection, Retention Rate and Willingness of adults to participate in future HIV Vaccine trials in Western Kenya.” The study began in 2014.