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RV144: First Sign of Success

MHRP led the first — and only — HIV vaccine trial to show efficacy (31.2%) in preventing new infections, thereby providing critical evidence that a safe and effective vaccine against HIV is possible. The RV144 study, also known as “The Thai Study,” involved more than 16,000 volunteers in Thailand and tested the prime-boost combination of two vaccines: ALVAC® HIV vaccine (The Prime) and AIDSVAX® B/E vaccine (the boost). The vaccine combination was based on HIV strains that commonly circulate in Thailand. Since the landmark results of the RV144 trial, MHRP along with collaborators around the world have made substantive progress in understanding what it will take to develop a more globally efficacious HIV vaccine. MHRP is part of a collaborative team called the Pox-Protein Public-Private Partnership (P5), which is committed to building on the success of RV144. In 2015, the team began conducting follow-up clinical studies using a similar vaccine regimen in southern Africa, targeting the most common HIV subtype in that region (subtype C).





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