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Team ALF

Adjuvants are vaccine components that help improve immune responses. MHRP scientists developed a family of new adjuvants called the Army Liposome Formulation (ALF), which entered its first HIV-related human clinical trial in 2021.

Lab group at AFRIMS

Meet Our Team in Bangkok

MHRP’s researchers at the Armed Forces Research Institute of Medical Sciences (AFRIMS) in Bangkok, Thailand have the unique capability to interrogate the impact of HIV on mucosal surfaces. This research directly translates into supporting MHRP’s product development in the context of prophylactic vaccines as well as in cure studies. This critical work depends on a speedy motorcycle courier who safely, securely and quickly transports valuable specimens to the lab.

A Life Transformed by PEPFAR

Few stories exemplify the purpose and the promise of PEPFAR as clearly as that of Joyline, whose 16-year experience with the Walter Reed Program-Kenya has caused ripples through her life that have grown to touch her family and community.

“It used to be that an HIV diagnosis was a death sentence that created a lot of despair,” said Dr. Sawe, the HJFMRI director for MHRP in Kericho, Kenya. “PEPFAR has been able to turn that problem upside down, so now a positive diagnosis is a mark of life, enabling people to get help and treatment. It’s transformed lives and communities in Africa.”

International HIV Research and Development

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